The exceptional cello rental

Rental of old sonorous cellos and

children´s cellos

Rent fine cellos

at my exceptional cello rental company in Berlin and Hof in Upper Franconia. If you wish, I can also send your cello to you throughout Germany and would be happy if I could accompany you on your musical path with a cello full of character.

I myself have been fortunate enough to be able to play many different instruments in the course of my career as a cellist and I know how exhilarating it can be to play a charming old cello.

You can rent your dream cello from me and enjoy the wonderful sound every day.


Cellist am See, CELLO HOFFMANN, Cellovermietung Berlin
Altes Cello vor See. Mieten beim Celloverleih CELLO HOFFMANN

A cello that suits you

can be found at my cello rental of a special kind.

I rent out old, sonorous instruments, and children can also find a suitable children's cello of any size. I can quickly determine the cello size for your child from my many years of experience as a cellist and teacher.

If this is your first time holding a cello, I would be happy to help you with the basic holding of the cello and bow at our meeting.

You can rent your dream cello from me, including bow, case/cover and insurance. The rental agreement can be terminated on a monthly basis and a deposit is not required. I would be happy to give you a rosin for the bow.

Because of my work as a professional cellist, I can give you the best advice on choosing your cello and also play the different instruments so that you get an impression of the sound.

Since I want to give everyone the opportunity to learn to play the cello without having to buy an expensive cello, I founded the cello rental company CELLO HOFFMANN.

Just call or write me!