Find a wonderful old cello

Also cellos for children in all sizes

Testore 1741

...someone once wrote on the note inside the cello and the sound comes very close to it, even if unfortunately it doesn't quite date from that time. However, it is at least 200 years old, probably comes from Italy and has solo timbres.

I myself played many solo concerts and auditions on this instrument and it was also a fabulous instrument in the orchestra.

Suitable for professionals, students, for solo concerts and auditions.

Application only with musical CV.

Testore Cello, über 200 Jahre alt,, Cello mieten, M
Testore Cello, altes Cello,, über 200 Jahre alt, Ce
Testore Cello,, Cello mieten, über 200 Jahre alt, i
Schnecke Bernardel Cello, sehr schön geschnitzt, aus 1868, sehr altes
CELLO HOFFMANN, Cello mieten, rent a cello, Bernardel Cello, wundersch
Bernadel Cello, 1868, sehr alt, Violoncello, f-Loch, französisches Ce

Bernadel, Auguste Sébastien

... built this fantastic French cello, probably in 1868.

Its sound properties serve the highest demands and it has already been used for many solo concerts, auditions and chamber music.

Suitable for professionals and students, for solo concerts and auditions.

Application only with musical CV.

Sound miracle

... there is always. Also with this beautiful cello.

It was built around the turn of the last century and recently extensively restored, which has resulted in a great sound and that it is a feast for the eyes, needless to say.

Suitable for undergraduate and advanced students.

Altes Cello auf Boot, Cello mieten, CELLO HOFFMANN, rent a cello
altes klangvolles Cello,, Cello mieten, sehr altes C
Boden eines alten Cellos. Ca. 150 Jahre alt, sehr klangvoll. Zu mieten
Weinrotes Cello, altes Cello, cellocello, CELLO HOFFMANN, Berlin, Hamb
Nahansicht Cello alt,, CELLO HOFFMANN, wunderschöne Zar
wunderschöner Boden des Cello, zu mieten,, CELLO HOFFMA

Deep sonorous sound

... arises when you play this beautiful, wine-red cello. Once you start playing it, you don't want to stop.

Built in fine craftsmanship about 130 years ago, probably a Vogtland work.

Suitable for undergraduate and advanced students.

Belgian beauty with character

According to the note inside the cello, it appears to have been built in Belgium in 1925 and impresses not only with its pure beauty, but also with an extremely warm, yet sustaining tone.

Suitable for students and advanced students.

CELLO HOFFMANN, altes belgisches Cello von hinten
CELLO HOFFMANN, Traumcello vor Wasser mit Schwan
CELLO HOFFMANN, altes Cello vor Wasser, mieten
CELLO HOFFMANN dark 200 year old cello for rent
CELLO HOFFMANN old cello standing on a bridge, for rent
CELLO HOFFMANN 200 year old cello for rent

Small body, big sound and 200 years old

... is this beautiful dark cello.

It has an extremely small body for a full size cello, but a 4/4 scale length.

However, the sound is astonishingly large; at a concert in the Philharmonie Berlin, the sound even radiated far beyond other comparable instruments during solo performances.

Suitable for students and advanced students.

My first big love

... was built in 2001 in Erlbach near Markneukirchen by the well-known luthier Klaus Schlegel.

It accompanied me to many concerts and competitions when I was young and is now looking for a suitable successor.

Suitable for undergraduate and advanced students.

Klaus Schlegel, Meistercello, mieten auf
Altes deutsches Cello, ca. 100 Jahre alt,, klangvoll
Cello von hinten, Boden eines alten deutschen Cellos, ca. 100 Jahre al
Wunderschöne Schnecke eines alten Cellos vor dem Lietzensee in Berlin

With that open sound

... this cello reached the audience more than 100 years ago, because at that time the beautiful cello was built in the Markneukirchen area and has developed sonorous to this day.

It accompanied me on a long trip to India, where it was allowed to develop its potential in front of crowded halls and in workshops with extremely interested children.

Suitable for undergraduate and advanced students.

Old and dark

... it looks and that's how you can describe its sound characteristics, because that's what makes the cello so special. That warm dark sound.

It came to me in need of repair and was extensively restored by a luthier.

Suitable for undergraduate and advanced students.

Altes dunkles Cello auf Baum vor Wasser in der Natur. Cello zu mieten
Altes Cello, Schnecke am Baum vor dem Wasser., Musik
Cello sehr dunkel, hängend vor dem Wasser. Ca. 100 Jahre alt zu leihe
Cello sehr alt, stehend im Schilf am See. Ca 100 Jahre alt, toller Kla
CELLO HOFFMANN, Cello steht in Schilf, über 100 Jahre alt, jetzt miet
Cello stehend auf Sand am See. Cello zu mieten bei

With a lot of potential

... but with some "injuries" the cello came to me.

After an extensive restoration, my first guess was confirmed that it is a very sonorous cello that is pleasantly easy to play.

Suitable for undergraduate and advanced students.

For the beginning

... sometimes a simpler instrument is enough and even if the monthly expenses are to be relatively low, since you may not yet know whether you really want to stay with the cello.

For this case, I also have a few simple instruments among my beautiful old cellos that are still easy to play and sound reasonable.

CELLO HOFFMANN_Cello bei Pool_ Cello mieten_cello rental
CELLO HOFFMANN_Cello leht an baum_Celloverleih_Cello mieten Berlin
CELLO HOFFMANN_Cello in Schnee_Cello leihen_einfaches Schülercello
CELLO HOFFMANN_Kindercello mit Kind vor Segeljolle_Cello mieten
CELLO HOFFMANN_drei Celli vor See_Celloverleih
CELLO HOFFMANN_drei Kindercelli_Schwan im Hintergrund_Cello leihen
CELLO HOFFMANN_zwei Kindercelli kuscheln_Celloverleih Berlin
Kindercello mieten bei CELLO HOFFMANN

Cellos for children

I have them in all sizes and qualities.


a 1/8, a 1/4, a 1/2 or a 3/4 cello, with me every child will find the right cello for themselves.

Among them are a few particularly beautiful old children's cellos, rare in this small size.