Rental terms

Your way to the dream cello

Contact with the cello

Get in touch with me by phone or simply use the contact form. I would be happy to answer your questions and advise you on the right quality of cello for you.

Meeting/delivery cello

The delivery location is flexible, which means that I may even be able to deliver the cello to your home (by arrangement and distance). If you live somewhere else in Germany, I would be happy to send a cello to you. However, it is always advisable to try out the cello and to compare it with other cellos of mine.

Rental contract cello

At our meeting you fill out the rental contract on site and you can take your cello with you and play your first notes on it. Insurance is always included in the rent, as well as a bow and a case or case. Rosin and a cleaning cloth are also part of the equipment for your rental cello. You can easily cancel the contract on a monthly basis.

Unique position

What makes Cello Hoffmann so special?

As a cellist, I know what a great cello sound means

Having played the cello for almost 30 years, I have had quite a few cellos in my hands, including very valuable ones by big names such as Ruggeri, Gagliano and Vuillaume, which patrons made available to me during my school and university days, but also afterwards for solo concerts.

Every single cello I rent has its own story and its own sound character, which I check regularly.

If you already have the sound you want, I'll find the right cello for you, and if not, we'll try out different cellos together to find the right rental cello for you.

I look forward to advising you on the sound.